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Pioneered by mycologist Paul Stamets, this stack provides all you need to spur neurogenesis while maintaining an unaltered state of consciousness.

Directions: Administer on an empty stomach, every other day.

Formulated in the cleanest manner possible (vegan, cruelty free, full-spectrum actives), our gummies are free of isolates, concentrates or synthesized source materials, allowing for the most natural and therapeutic altered states achievable by humans.

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Recommended usage

Pioneered by mycologist Paul Stamets, this stack provides all you need to spur neurogenesis while maintaining an unaltered state of consciousness.


0.75mg active, derived from 75mg Fruiting Body Mushroom per gummy; 300mg Lion’s Mane Fruiting Body; 4mg Niacin.



Administer 1-2 gummies on an empty stomach, every other day.

165 reviews for STAMETS’ STACK

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  1. The effect matches the taste – incredible! I started taking these a month ago to help me with some work I’m doing on myself and the social anxiety I deal with. I don’t drink alcohol anymore because I can’t take the hangovers, so I’m pretty anxious in social situations. But I’ve started to work on the underlying trauma that causes my anxiety, and use cannabis during social situations to help curb the racing thoughts. I’m very happy with the results and will be a lifetime customer!

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  2. Delivers the perfect little boost to mood and focus in a tasty, high-quality gummy. I heart this stack. It’s earned a spot in my self-care routine.

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  3. Started my microdosing a week after my macro dose!

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  4. Having tried several other products by other companies, I must say how impressed I am by the evident quality and effects of this one – first formulated by Paul Stamets and combining psilocybin, Lion’s Mane and niacin for “the ultimate brain elixir.” In a word (or two) I highly recommend it.

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  5. I find myself increasingly creative and steady following the Stamets protocol. These gummies are the real deal.

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  6. The subtle yet effective micro dose option has allowed for a controlled experience. Pleasant mood enhancing and pain reduction properties makes this a perfect addition to my well-being.

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  7. On the days that I take this a feel a glow all day.

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  8. Great for reducing my social anxiety and tastes delicious!

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  9. Very useful, and I can see the benefits with my mood and stress levels. I have purchased eight bottles so far.

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  10. I feel better than I have in decades! So grateful to have found this product. I now look forward to the journey ahead. This product has helped shift my anxiety & depression. The relief I feel cannot be overstated! Shipping and communication were top notch.

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  11. I have been using the Psilouette products for about 2 months now, and it has given me what I have been looking for. After a life of living with depression and anxiety, I found that the typical offerings from Big Pharma not making me feel better. The Psilouette products have totally improved my daily life – especially in reduction of anxiety.
    Thanks Psilouette.
    Barry, Tucson AZ

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